The Harry Riley Foundation

The Harry Riley Foundation exists to support the long-term security, advancement and renewal of Strathallan School as a world-class leader in modern education.   

Philanthropy allows us to enhance the opportunities we are able to offer and to secure a bright and successful future for the School. The Harry Riley Foundation exists to engage with you and to strengthen the connection you have with the School, and to facilitate the passion and support of our community.   

Philanthropic donations in the form of bequests or in support of bursaries enable us to expand what is possible here at School, and ensure that Strathallan will continue to enrich the lives of students for generations to come.

Why is the Harry Riley Foundation Necessary

There are many families for whom tuition fees are a significant sacrifice, on top of which come all the extras that go with an extraordinary education: sporting equipment, uniforms, excursions, camps and tours.   
The Foundation exists to reduce the burden on parents over time by supporting the cost of building and maintaining facilities that would otherwise have to be funded almost entirely by fee revenue. It also exists to fund the scholarships and bursaries that encourage pupils of talent to join the School and that make its education accessible to many for whom it might otherwise be out of reach.   
The different ways you can support the school are detailed below, through either a one off or regular gift, every donation makes life changing opportunities for pupils possible.